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Dec 04, 2013 at 04:33 PM

Dashboard Designer 4.0 with Bex Query.



I Am using the following as follows:

(1). Dashboard Designer 4.0.

(2). Created the Query by using the Olap Connection of Bex Query.

Data Source: Bex Query Directly (not the Spread Sheet Data).

Please let me know the Following as follows:

a). For any component to be used on the Canvas, for the Data Insertion we have the 2 Options:

i). Source (we have the Spread sheet to invoke), But I can map the data to this source from the Bex Query.

ii). Destination (we have the Spread sheet mapping and Query Data).

For Example:

I had used the Pie Chart,to retrieve the Data Values on it we had the following ways only:

a). Data --> Values --> Data in Columns.

Column Chart:

For the Data Insertion, the position of value can be taken from the Excel as the "source data".But there is no option of choosing the Query Data.How I can able to map the data to source and map to Destination by using the Bex Query as the Data Source.

Please let me know..

Thanks in Advance.