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Dec 04, 2013 at 01:32 PM

SAP Work Manager 6.0



I'm trying to get Work Manager 6.0 up and running in a stand alone Agentry server (the documentation describes only deploying to SMP)

I've downloaded/installed the Agentry Server 6.0 (local machine) and added the files from the Work Manager 6.0 deployment zip file. I have then changed the Agentry.ini and JavaBE.ini in line with my earlier 5.3 installation. As there doesn't seem to be an updated ABAP add-on for 6.0 I'm setting the application as SAP_WORK_MANAGER_53 in my JavaBE.ini

All looks good and the server starts up fine. The problem occurs when trying to connect a client to the server. I have tried the new Windows WPF client, the new Android client and the new iPad client (downloaded from the app store) I get the following:

Windows WPF client:

Server error:

Exception: 13:22:31 12/04/2013 : 3 (Agentry), DecryptPasswordError ("Key does not exist", , , ), ..\agentry\server.cpp#2


Client error:

Logging user into server


Server error - please contact your administrator (13)

Login request failed.

(Note: I am familiar with the old DecryptPasswordError from previous versions where you need to delete temp files from the client directory, this does not seem possible with the new WPF client to my knowledge)

IOS Client:

Server error:

Exception: 13:27:38 12/04/2013 : 159 (SSL Socket Error), SSL Socket Error (error:2006F067:BIO routines:BIO_read:connect

error, ), ..\Socket\openSSLsockets.cpp#896:OpenSSLstreamSocket::SSLStreamSocket::checkSSLerror

Client error:

SSL Invalid Chain

Communications error (14)

Android Client:

Server error


Client error:

SSL Hostname Invalid

Communications error(14)

Has anybody seen this or has anybody managed to get Work Manager 6.0 up and running on a standalone Agentry 6.0 server?



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