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Dec 04, 2013 at 01:14 PM

Regarding sap query report


Hi experts,

I have a requirement as below.

It needs to create a report for Goods movement in sap query report through sq00 t-code, as per the sources i came to know it needs to select user group and from that group we need to select suitable info set while creating query report. after that we need to follow Select Field Group, Select Field, Selection, Query Layout Design steps. my question in those steps where we can pick input, output filed's in Select Field Group, Select Field steps . if they are coming from the info set, how we can maintain data in info set..? and in my requirement for quantity there are lot of validations are there, so how i convey those calculations in info set..? is there any other way to fetch them in to query out put..?

in my case i have user group, but don't have info set.

Please help me to resolve.


Saida Reddy.