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Dec 03, 2013 at 08:55 PM

SAP HANA SHINE - Links dont work for me



I am just trying out the HANA SHINE material and the download of democontent and activation went on fine. I am having problems with the XS engine link.

I am using the hanacloud system in cloudshare and http://hanacloud:8000 says 'XSEngine is up and running'. But when I enter the link for the data generator(or any other link in the document) all the '/' get replaced with '%2F' and the actual link gets changed

Link entered: http://hanacloud:8000/sap/hana/democontent/epm/admin/ui/WebContent/admin.html

Link displyed in browser: http://hanacloud:8000/sap/hana/xs/formLogin/login.html?x-sap-origin-location=%2Fsap%2Fhana%2Fdemocontent%2Fepm%2Fadmin%2Fui%2FWebContent%2Fadmin.html

I am using the SYSTEM user and tried both ie and chrome browser. I know i am doing something wrong. Can someone help me with this?