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Former Member
Dec 03, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Incorrect SD Requirements in MD04 (table VBBE)


Dear Community,

Since we upgraded to support package SAPKH60511 two weeks ago we are facing the problem that sales requirements which are completed do not disappear from MD04. Currently this problem is reported several times a day and I now run SDRQCR21 as a batch job every hour to clean VBBE.

For example each time an item is deleted from a delivery the requirement is not removed from table VBBE and still shows in MD04 as open delivery.

It also happens that sales orders remain in VBBE (MD04) even though they are completely shipped and invoiced. I could not figure out a pattern for this occurrence and cannot reproduce the problem in our test environment.

Did anyone of you experience the same issue after installation of support package SAPKH60511? I believe we had SAPKH60508 before and did not have this problem. What I described above happend a couple of times per year and now it can be for a hundred or more items per day.

I am looking forward to get any help!!

Thank you!