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Dec 03, 2013 at 09:12 AM

Confirmed activity qty saved with different Unit - KOB1


Hi All,

I have created work center, cost center , cost element and activity type where all the unit maintained as "HR" only. I have assigned the activity rate based on activity type with cost center combination, in routing also i have maintained the activity unit as HR only. Everything is fine, later i have created production order and done the confirmation also. If i check the actual cost by order report through KOB1 i have found the posted unit of measure displayed with different unit like HR, MIN. When i open a particular production order and checked the operation details in "Qty/Activities" tab the field "To confirm" unit saved as HR which is taken from routing master but the confirmed unit saved with MIN which is updated by system automatically after confirmation done. We are confirm the operation through CO19 where there is no option to give the UOM as well as activity type, so there is no chance to change by user. Why system calculate the activity qty unit as different than which we maintained in all master level? How to set the default posting unit? we want to see the report with any of one default unit like HR or MIN. What's the issue here system show with different posting unit in KOB1?