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Dec 03, 2013 at 04:46 AM

How to retrieve the image from mssql back end to the ATE or to mobile device?


Hi all,

I have a field "image" in the object level with string property and same in transaction also. I added this field to the add transaction detail screen with "Edit type" as "Image capture" as well as to the list screen to display image field.

Here when I am adding image from ATE it is storing image path. In back end also I took the image field as nvarchar so it is also storing the path.

When I take the image datatype as varbinary(max) in back end it is showing the following error.

"Implicit conversion from data type varchar to varbinary(max) is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query."

How to write convert function for this. And how can i upload image from the mobile device and how to update it to the back end and also how to retrieve the image back to the mobile device.

Suggest me the solution.