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Dec 02, 2013 at 05:25 AM

Report in CG02BD picking up wrong Characteristic Value


Hi Experts,

please can you assist me with this issue, I am new to EHS/PDM. We have a Packaging spec in CG02BD which has a characteristic value of NET_OUTER_WEIGHT = 11.88 KG, the same value is maintained in the material master classification area. The Packaging spec and the REAL_SUB spec are both in Released status, and all values are coming through correctly on the Finished Good Report except for this one field, where the value is incorrectly appearing as 297 KG. We regenerated the report so that the data should be completely up to date, but still this incorrect value is coming through.

We have Windows Word Processor Integration so the report presentation is generated on separate WWI server ,using report symbols.

Only one spec is affected (that we know of).

Any troubleshooting suggestions would be greatfully appreciated,