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Nov 29, 2013 at 08:59 AM

DB2 Restore Issue


Hello all,

Iam building a new system with Backup-restore method. Source SID and target SID are different. The steps that I performed for this are as below,

1.Online backup of Source system

2.Installed a new SAP system (Now in restore backup phase)

3.I restored the DB as per the command mentioned below,

Source SID: SD1 Target SID - SD2

RESTORE DATABASE SD1 from D:\DB2backup ON D:\db2\SD2\sapdata1, D:\db2\SD2\sapdata2,D:\db2\SD2\sapdata3, D:\db2\SD2\sapdata4, D:\db2\SD2\sapdata5, D:\db2\SD2\sapdata6, D:\db2\SD2\sapdata7, D:\db2\SD2\sapdata8 INTO SD2 NEWLOGPATH D:\db2\SD2\log_dir\NODE0000\

4.After a hour, restore completed successfully

5.After this I have applied the archive logs to get the database out from Roll-forward pending state, from command,

db2 rollforward db SD2 to end of logs and complete

6.Roll forward is not yet completed, now it says,

Input Database Alias : SD2

No of nodes have returned status :1

Node number : 0

Rollforward status : DB working

Next log file to be read : S0147920.log

Log files processed : S0147842.log - S0147896.log

Last committed transaction : 2013-11-23- UTC

NOTE: Log files present in the directory are S0147842.log to S0147920.log

Also I have put the logs passed the above committed transaction time.

Kindly advise,