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Former Member
Nov 28, 2013 at 12:41 PM

GRC 10.0 AC SP12 - Org Rule applied to Management Report (Batch Risk Analysis)


Dear all,

We are at GRC 10.0 AC SP12.

Could anyone tell me whether config parameter 1021 'Consider Org Rules for other applications' must be set to Yes in order for the GRC 10 management reports to take into account the active org rules? Or does that not impact the management reports..

Any other setting somewhere then?

The thing is that i ran the management reports (thus the ones built up after a successful full batch risks analysis) with the parameter on Yes and No, but it shows no difference. Whilst ad hoc quiries do show the org rules results properly.

In 5.3 there was this config parameter called "Consider Org Rules" that also applied the org rules to the management reports when set to YES.

I'd love to get the org rules result in the flex charts like 'Risk Violations' as well.

My checklist:

- 55 org rules are active

- corresponding org level values are active in the relevant rule set functions (relevant risks etc are active)

- ad hoc queries show exactly all relevant users having correct org rule conflicts

- sync jobs ran correctly

- config parameter 1021 currently holds: YES

Thx in advance! May the force be with you.