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PM Equipments and a time window of Validity / Activation / Certification ...

Various Business Units in our Company are looking into the use of PM Equipments for keeping up with there Assets in SAP.

One of the big points we struggle with is having a way to Validate / Activate / Certificate an Equipment for e particular amount of time ...

Aside from the use of Statusses (User-Status etc.) we suggest using Classification on the Equipment as a means to define a "VALID_FROM" / "VALID_TO" mechanism for certain Equipments.

Downside obviously is the fact that these aren't very easy to maintain (Mass-maintenance, Custom Development) ... We are not averse to some level of Custom Development (for example : a one-way entry point Application to Mass-maintain Equipments) but we wouldn't want to digress too much from Standard Reporting / Maintenance if possible ...

Question :

  • Are we on the right path? Is this a valid way / the only way to set up such a requirement? This would still provide an issue toward historic reporting, I would image ... Other suggestions?
  • Are there more benefits in using Custom Field(s) for this?
  • Is there any way to Mass-update these from Standard => Maybe using EnhancementSwitch?
  • Are there any Customer-initiated (Customer Influence) efforts into introducing a 'time-based' Activation / De-Activation for Equipments?

Thanks for any valid insights.

Kind regards

Nic T.

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    Jan 18, 2017 at 08:49 AM

    Nic T.

    Classification is an easy solution as it uses SAP standard functionality. However, as you state, there are limitations in that there are no mass change functions from IE05, and it is a little cumbersome to change manually.

    You could also mis-use the warranty fields, but again there is no mass update options as standard in IE05.

    Additional fields can easily be added to the equipment master via user-exit ITOB0001 (SMOD). This will allow to you create any number of fields with associated logic. You can then use BADI_EAM_SINGLELEVEL_LIST (SE18) to include these fields in IE05. Furthermore you can use BADI_EAM_RIEQUI20_FCODE_CUS1 (SE18) to add your own menu options/button in IE05 for mass updates.

    I'm unsure if there is an option the amend the standard IE05 mass-change functionality.. Maybe you could ask SAP.


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    • Thanks for your valuable input.

      I will certainly look into the additional effort of extending the Equipment-Master via BAdI. I haven't made use of the BAdI "BADI_EAM_RIEQUI20_FCODE_CUS1" for added Menu-functions yet, but that looks promising.

      Kind regards

      Nic T.