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Jan 16, 2017 at 09:58 AM

Sec89 Relief Clarification


Dear Experts,

Can any one clarify my doubt for cross verifying the Sec89 relief amount is correct or not?

My client revised the salaries of employees on Nov 2016 with effective from Apr 2013.

So ,system ran retro from 2013 and generated sec89 relief.Client is coming with some other value and saying that system is calculating wrong relief amount.Can any one give me the idea how to cross verify the sec89 releif amount effecting from 2013 Apr onwards.

For cross verifying what periods i need to check the income tax calcualtion (Delta Tax = With and With out arrears) amount in a excel sheet.

I have some idea for calculating one financial year,but now system is running from 2013 onwards,so need to verify from 3 finacial years.

Please give me your valuble inputs to gain knowledge and close my burning issue.

Thanks in Advance