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Nov 27, 2013 at 07:40 PM

Claim partner determination procedure



I am sorry if I am posting this question in wrong segment, moderators please excuse me because I haven't got any right place to add it and in case you thinks its not the rite place for this issue please move it to that place where it belongs and can be answered 😊.

WTY transaction was working fine till last week when I was on 4.7 but when I moved to ECC 6, I found transaction started behaving weird.

When in ECC 6 I am making warranty claim for claim type Z001, I am getting the following error

Claim type Z001 has not been assigned to a partner determination procedure

Message no. WTYC1008.

When I have analyzed this issue I found in setting OWTY>>Define Warranty Claim Types, a new filed called Partner Determination Procedure Warranty Claim.

ECC 6 Screen

On F4 in new field, the following values are coming.

and F1 is giving SD definition of partner determination i.e. Order type, Shipping, Header etc.which I am familiar. And on maintaining the value in Partner Det. Prc, I am able to save my WTY claim normally

Whereas when I checked the same settings in 4.7, I found the same filed missing

ECC 4.7 Screen

and I have also found lot of standard claim types are also missing from same path eg claim type 0001

I am not able to comprehend why this new filed is there in ECC 6 and not in 4.7 and why SAP has not provided any document for it with proper justification and what is the correct way to over come this problem. And what is role of this filed (what can be achieved) and why it was not available in 4.7 what is reason behind this?

Request members to provide concrete justification.

Thank you,



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