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Nov 27, 2013 at 08:44 AM

Seletion of output tray for production order lists



I have a following question for OUTPUT tray selection:

1. We have 3 different production order lists (OPK8 - > LG02, LV02, LK01).

2. We have a printer with 7 different output trays.

3. We need to print LG02 in output tray Nr. 1, LV02 in output tray Nr. 2 and LK01 in output tray Nr. 3

4. SAP Script Form should be NOT changed, due to printing of shop floor papers on different printers.

Is there any way to select right output tray in SPAD depends on production order list?

Maybe there are another settings in OPK8, etc for right setup?

Many thanks in advance,