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Oct 14, 2005 at 12:50 PM

SRM 4.0 WS14000075/ PO release w/no approval


Hello all,

We are in SRM 4.0, sandbox. We have configured start conditions to kick off the standard workflow for PO release (no approvals) and everything was working fine until this afternoon. Now all occurances of WS14000075 are erroring out ('Error changing to status RELP'). I have gotten this far...

1) Start Conditions are fine - only one workflow triggered

2) Workflow WS14000075 has not been changed

3) Subworkflow WS14000077 has not been changed

4) When I test the method SETRELEASED from SWo1, I get the error message 'Buffer table not up to date'. (And yes, I tried SWU_OBUF, three times, with my left hand behind my back, while I jumped in circles)

5) When I debugged, the farthest down I got was to BBP_PD_PO_SAVE, which implies some sort of issue with the actual update of the PO

6) This coincides with the error message in the workflow logs...'Error changing to status RELP' in that there is something preventing this standard function from completing the update to the PO after the workflow tries to set the status to RELP

7) The system shows no short dumps related to this issue

8) SM58 shows no RFC errors

9) When executing WS14000077 from the workflow testbed, it is able to set a PO to rejected, but not able to set it to released

10) the error message WF gets when trying to release the PO is BBP_WFL052

Always happy to get a clue,