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Nov 26, 2013 at 06:53 PM

Transferring application from VC 7.11 SP4 to VC 7.31 SP6


Dear Gurus,

We are trying to transfer models from a 7.11 SP 4 platform to a 7.31 SP6 platform. Our models in the old platform have not been transported but imported and compiled in the productive environment through the import/export functionality. We wanted to use the same approach for the 7.31 platform for existing models. The import/export worked fine and made the necessary adjustments. Due to some modifications in the 7.31 platform for some objects, we are not in a position to have the "converted" models working as before.

Nevertheless, the management team wants to go on with the decommissionning of the old platform. Is there a way to get the applications from the 7.11 platform as files and put them as is in the 7.31 platform. We tried to use the migration runtime option proposed in a SCN document, but as we are in 7.11 version, the models don't look like to be at the same place....

So, does anyone know how to make the transfer of applications as is from 7.11 to 7.31 versions ?

Thanks for your help