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Oct 14, 2005 at 12:12 PM

Wild Card * using CA CP CO NP etc.



there is a field called document number which is a

25 character field. It takes both alphabets numbers and

special characters. when i make this entry as say 410

the system saves this as 0000000000000000000000410

i.e. a field of size 25, in this case the field is having

a numeric value, however when i have a value as 0000410HEGDE i.e alphanumeric the system saves this as


Thus when i do a search i with 4* i get both the

values 410 and 0000410HEGDE

how can i avoid getting 0000410HEGDE when i do a 4* search.

is there anything that i can do with CA, CN, NA, CS, NP, CP, CO

the criteria should be 4* reutrning both values

then later i should sort our only 410 and display it

how should be the code say if

stdoknr-low has 4* and fdraw-doknr has 0000410HEGDE