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Nov 26, 2013 at 02:36 PM

Display custom attributes in UWL view


Hi all,

we're using the UWL to display SAP Business Workflow items of an SAP ERP system within SAP Portal 7.3 EHP1.

The workflow items have some custom attributes we want to display within a custom UWL view. The following image shows the basic data for the work items in SAP ERP system:

Here you can see two custome attributes "REQTYPE" and "REQNO" added to work item text. Those two custom attributes we want to add to our custom UWL view.

Therefore I created following UWL configuration:

<UWLConfiguration version="1.0">
<ItemType name="uwl.task.webflow.TS99900019" connector="WebFlowConnector" defaultView="O2CDefaultView" defaultAction="viewDetail" executionMode="default">
<ItemTypeCriteria externalType="TS99900019" connector="WebFlowConnector"/>
<CustomAttributeSource id="WEBFLOW_CONTAINER" objectIdHolder="externalObjectId" objectType="WebflowContainer" cacheValidity="final">
<Attribute name="REQNO" type="string" displayName="Request number"/>
<Attribute name="REQTYPE" type="string" displayName="Request type"/>
<View name="O2CDefaultView" width="98%" supportedItemTypes="uwl.task.webflow.TS99900019" columnOrder="REQNO, REQTYPE, subject, creatorId, createdDate, status" sortby="createdDate:descend" selectionMode="SINGLESELECT" visibleRowCount="10" emphasizedItems="new" displayOnlyDefinedAttributes="no">
<Descriptions default="O2C tasks for approval" />
<DisplayAttribute name="REQNO" type="string" sortable="yes">
<Descriptions default="Request number" />
<DisplayAttribute name="REQTYPE" type="string" sortable="yes">
<Descriptions default="Request type" />

Unfortunately the information for request type and request number is neither displayed in culumns of UWL view nor in details of work item within UWL.

Can anyone please tell me what I need to configure to display this information in UWL?