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Nov 26, 2013 at 02:34 PM

Unable to access buttons in header of Performance Assistant


We have just upgraded our DEV client to EHP7 & Unicode. In doing that I see that some of the buttons in at the header of the Performance Assistant are not available now. Therefore, one cannot click on and execute the functionality associated with a given button. For example, our functional consultants often use this button to jump through to the IMG and the applicable configuration point:

Under the impression that access to this button (and others) is controlled via security access. Following that lead, I have set a trace via ST01 to see if I could isolate the perceived security failure, but have not made much progress on isolating the issue.

Can anyone shed some light on the control of access to these buttons? Happy to go and dig further, just soliciting the experts for some direction or thoughts.




TEST.jpg (23.6 kB)