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Oct 14, 2005 at 10:49 AM

locations of items in a form questions


I have three questions regarding the location of items in a form:

1. To set my buttons 5 pixels above the bottom of the form, why do I have to substract 50 pixels from the form's height property? example code:

oItem.Top = RSA_Form.Height - 50 'this sets the button 5 pixels above the bottom of the form

2. when I run my SBO addon while using the windows classic theme, the buttons' locations are ok. But when I change the theme to windows XP, the buttons doesn't fit into the form anymore. Is it a bug in the UI API or is there a way to prevent this?

3. when I resize the form of my addon, my buttons and my matrix are resized and repositioned automatically, but a rectangle on my form doesn't resize. Is it usual or did I do something wrong with the rectangle?