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Nov 26, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Parallel Replication taking time using SLT configuration


Hi Experts,

My SLT version is 2011_1_731 sp 5. My configuration works fine for small tables but it becomes slow when it comes to loading large transparent table like CE11000. I followed steps mentioned in blog " How to improve the initial load" written by Tobias and started replication with below parameters-

My replication remains in initial load process with calculation showing 'S for more than 3hrs and then it started showing status 'P' when 1LT/MWB_CALCSACP_001_Z_CE11000 started running.

in table IUUC_PRECALC_OBJ my entries are -

conv object- CE11000

NUMREC 145000000

in table IUUC_PERF_OPTION my entries are -

tabname - CE11000




and my SLT Server configuration has below count of jobs -

No of Data Transfer jobs - 4

Initial load jobs - 7

No of calculation jobs -2

If I do a table health check in its calculation phase ( status P), using tcode- LTRC-> Expert Functions-

Checks for table CE11000 (mass transfer ID 001) started

Last action is R-Load tables and start replication, status is O-Obtained (Scheduled); "Is Last" = Yes (from 26.11.2013 05:28:54)

Current action is R-Load tables and start replication; status is O-Obtained (Scheduled)

Log table /1CADMC/00000212 created in sender system, and has 0 records

The following triggers are defined for table CE11000:

- /1LT/00000212INS

Trigger CE11000; status is 2-Activated

Latency data for table CE11000 is not available

Migration object =Z_CE11000_001;Defined? = Yes, Generated? = Yes (X = Yes, blank = No)

No access plan found for table CE11000

Access plan set as 'Not Calculated' in table DMC_MT_TABLES for table CE11000

Checks for table CE11000 finished (mass transfer ID 001)

The troubleshooting activity has detected critical issues

Currently I can see number of records getting updated in the job log of 1LT/MWB_CALCSACP_001_Z_CE11000 but I cannot see any ACC_PLAN_CALC_001_0 jobs.

Please suggest your opinion on below points to accelerate initial load-

1. options that we can check for monitoring if something in replication is failing apart from above steps

2. parameters that need to be added additionally incase required

3. any correction notes required to be installed for our mentioned configuration.