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Nov 26, 2013 at 09:14 AM

Object generation, Counter based Preventive Maintenance with call horizon.


Dear Experts,

I have a requirement regarding Performance Based PM plan for DG set (Ex.).

Plans Background:

  • Schedule interval: 200 Days,
  • Call horizon: 50%
  • Call object: Notification.
  • Annual estimation: 720 Hrs.
  • Counter starting point: 2000 Hrs
  • Counter overflow: 9999999

Basing on the call horizon system generated a Notification(Call object) at 2120 Hrs (2000 + 120 present). Here, maintenance has to be provide after 180 running Hrs, but basing on the call horizon (50% and Annual estimation) system generated notification with required start date 04.12.2013(for example). Everything is fine.

But user is very sure that, it may take more or less time (may be 5 days, or 1 month or more) to cover remaining 180 Hrs(Basing on power availability).

But system already created Notification, so automatic postpones cannot be done for the same. In this case required-start date is not useful.

How to know at which counter reading system generated call object, and target counter reading on which call object has to be taken. Is there any standard report.

In my opinion, if the call horizon is 100% system generates on the same date. But 50% is required.

Can anyone please suggest me possible ways to deal with PM with counter and call horizon.

Best regards,