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Nov 26, 2013 at 04:13 AM

Batch determination along with WM pick strategy



I came across this statement on SAP help.

"If batch determination has already been carried out in Sales & Distribution or in Production, you cannot run batch determination again in the Warehouse Management System. The system only searches for stock for batches determined in the sales order or delivery, and removes them from storage using WM stock removal strategies such as FIFO or LIFO."

I am trying to figure what this means. Maybe its a simple thing I cannot see.

I have 2 batches. Material has a FIFO search strategy in the mtl master

Batch X --> GR date 11/15/2013 and SLED 11/29/2013. Located in bin 01-01-01

Batch Y --> GR date 11/14/2013 and SLED 11/30/2013. Located in bin 01-01-02

When I run batch determination, which batch will the system pick. Will it be X (due to more SLED) or will it be batch Y due to FIFO strategy? Is it that only when I have the same batch in multiple bins then the system will pick as per the FIFO after batch determination has chosen the batch expiring first ?

I am trying to find out how FIFO in WM works with batch determination via SLED.