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Nov 25, 2013 at 02:05 PM

Phase/MultiPhase jumps to start when status changes... :-(



I use a phase indicator UI element with items populated with the multiplephase element below. When the process has many steps, the user can step to the next steps/page with the arrow on the right hand side of the UI element.

It is very annoying that when I change the status on one of the steps it looks like the whole phase indicator is redrawn and shows the firs N number of steps (depending on how wide the window is). So the user has to page to the right place on the process every time a step changes status... And the users quickly get tired of this.

Am I overlooking the obvious here? Why can't I control what part of the phase is shown...?

(You can play with the standard web dynpro component DEMO_UIEL_STD_COMPLEX to see this behaviour).