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Nov 25, 2013 at 12:49 PM

use of transform validation of BODS


I ENCOUTERED A technical problem with BODS SAP.

The version is SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.2

Database Oracle 11g

I am using a function that return a output value from a input value.



if ($ID_TxRbs = 1)

Return 0;

if ($ID_TxRbs = 2)

Return 15;

if ($ID_TxRbs = 3)

Return 30;

if ($ID_TxRbs = 4)

Return 35;

if ($ID_TxRbs = 5)

Return 65;

if ($ID_TxRbs = 6)

Return 100;

Return 300;


Than I have a transform Validation that return an error if the value equal with 300

Sometimes, it occurs that the function did not recognize the input value ( for ex input value = 5, and the function returns default value 300)

And the validation transformation take the line with the value =300 to the Pass way flow instead of taking it in the fail way flow.

This error happens randomly. For example, on 5 hundred lines, its occurs on only for two lines.

  1. The type of the field is VARCHAR2(1024) . the received number of character is 1 in the field à ( length (TAUXREMBOURSEMENT)=1).

I don’t understand why this error occurs and why the validation transform doesn’t work properly all day.

Can you help me please?

Best regard