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Nov 24, 2013 at 06:31 PM

How to seperate ASCS from CI of ERP 6 EHP 6 ( IDES Version ) - Linux 64bit


Dear NW Administrators,

Is it possible to separate ( Msg Serv and Enq Serv ) ASCS from an existing installations CI ? If Yes .. how do I go about it ?

My Situation :


My task was to install ERP 6.0 EHP 6 on a Linux 64bit system as DISTRIBUTED INSTALLATION ....

1.) ASCS < Port No 71>

2.) CI < Port No 72>

3.) DB < Port No 73>

How ever when I started out with the media given to me, the sapinst ( Not SWPM ) sapinst was given separately for ERP 6 EHP 6.

Under Oracle, Linux, Distributed System installation type ... I had only 3 steps ...

1.) Global host preparation

2.) DB installation

3.) Central instance installation

No ASCS found there, now I've completed the installation and post installation activities ... But the requirement was to install with an ASCS !!

Is there anyway possible that I can separate the ASCS from the existing installation .. so that I don't have to scrap the whole installation !!


If there is a way please guide me with clear steps ..


Like which media do I use ?

Media No ?

How should I go about it ?

Have anyone of you done it before ? Was it successful ?

ERP 6 EHP 6 ( IDES )

Oracle 11g

Linux 64bit OS

Requirement to separate ASCS from an existing installation !!


Thanks in advance for all your help and support !!