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Former Member
Oct 13, 2005 at 09:17 PM

How to verify that an event is triggered


Hi Experts,

I am running a BW job that is based on an event (or basically a group of events using event collector). Some times, I need to debug it to find out why the job is not triggered and it is very difficult to find out which event was not there.

Here is my quesiton:

Is it possible to see, some where in the system, if an event is waiting for a job? or in other words, if an event has been fired?

Also there is one other question, if an event is fired and this event is being collected by an event collector, can we see, some where, if event collector already got one event and only 2 more are left (suppose event collector need 3 events to fire the next level event that triggers a job).

Thank you,