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Nov 24, 2013 at 02:31 AM

Will the GRIR price pickup correctly according to validity date in SA during MIGO-GR-PART1



I have posted a scheduling agreement (SA) question recently, and since I am still working on the problem (i.e. goods receipt cannot be posted), I can’t proceed for the testing below of my scenario. To save time, I would be very appreciates if you can let me know my question below if you know.

I am trying to test out if, during goods receipt against SA, the SAP is able to pick up pricing condition accurately for my GR/IR account posting.
Note: Double click the figure if can't see clearly.

  • The following are list of pricing maintained in SA.

  • The following are the delivery schedule generated after MRP run, and the MD04 shown.

  • Goods receipt are performed and posted on the following dates.

QUESTION: May I know if the buying prices used for the GR posting are correct as shown on figure no.3 with series of GR transaction that follow the validity date stated in the SA?

I know if goods recept base on standard purchasing order, the price will pick-up base on individual PO net price, but this is an SA which does not have multiple purchasing order, and am not sure if the price will pick-up accurately base on the validity date range specified in SA.

Daniel Tuff


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