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Nov 22, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Depreciation area wise fiscal year change


Hi Guru's,

I want to close depreciation area wise fiscal year. I have couple of transactions that we need to update in reporting depreciation area's.

These depreciation's areas are not going to post to GL , these are only tax reporting purpose. For that activity I need to re-open my previous year for those specific depreciation areas in OAAR and then need to close only those depreciation area's without touching 01 depreciation area. But based on sap standard we can go backward in OAAR not forward. If I am trying to close fiscal year through AJAB its showing its fiscal year is already closed. As only reporting depreciation areas are open. I don't want to open fiscal year in OAAQ because some one might have changed asset master with useful life, scrape values and depreciation key etc in asset masters. If I will open 01 depreciation area then system will ask for recalculation of depreciation because of asset master's change. As auditing has already done so I don't want to touch 01 depreciation area. If SAP have given option to open depreciation area wise fiscal year change then definitely sap might have given the functionality to close fiscal year depreciation area wise. Please help me its very-2 urgent.

Thanks & Regards