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Accounting document "Not cleared" status showing after Inter stock transfer billing doc posting in VF01

Hi Experts,

I have one issue in inter stock transfer scenario. After posting the billing document in VF01. Accounting document status is showing :Not Cleared"

Process Flow:

1 ME21N (Inter Stock PO)

2. VL10B (Create Delivery)

3. VL02N (Packing)

4. LT03 (Transfor Order)

5. VL02N (Pgi)

6. VF01N (Billing).

According to the below mention document flow after creation of billing document (Supplying Plant) User found there is some discrepancy, so tried to cancel the billing document, however unknowingly used thrice cancel the billing document as well as Internal credit memo. two times the accounting document properly after that status showed as :Not Cleared".

Please anyone help what is reason behind this issue, any kind of help is appreciated.

Below document flow status is attached.

Ref Cancel Doc . Purchase order 4526087608 10/24/13

Replen.Cross-company 67577254 10/09/13 Being processed

. WMS transfer order 10221 10/09/13 Completed

. TF to cross company 4901900848 10/09/13 complete

. Inv-I/C Stk.Transfer 3005534981 10/09/13 Completed

.. Accounting document 3005534981 10/09/13 Cleared

. Internal cred.memo 4005031647 10/22/13 Completed

.. Accounting document 4005031647 10/22/13 Cleared

. Inv-I/C Stk.Transfer 3005536633 10/22/13 Completed

.. Accounting document 3005536633 10/22/13 Cleared

. Internal cred.memo 4005031658 10/24/13 Completed

.. Accounting document 4005031658 10/24/13 Cleared

. Inv-I/C Stk.Transfer 3005536928 10/24/13 Completed
.. Accounting document 3005536928 10/24/13 Not cleared . Cancellat.of Cred.M. 4005031718 10/31/13 Completed .. Accounting document 4005031718 10/31/13 Not cleared . Cancellat.of Cred.M. 4005031719 10/31/13 canceled 4005031658 . Internal cred.memo 4005031720 10/31/13 Completed 3005536928 .. Accounting document 4005031720 10/31/13 Cleared
. Cancellat.of Cred.M. 4005031721 10/31/13 Completed 4005031720 .. Accounting document 4005031721 10/31/13 Cleared



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3 Answers

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    Nov 22, 2013 at 03:20 PM


    This is standard SAP. Your documents are absolutely fine. You are seeing not cleared in the accounting document is beacuse the invoice payment has not been cleared. It will show not cleared status, unless and untill you recieve the payment from the customer. Once the payment has been made, the accounting docuemnt will show cleared.

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  • Nov 22, 2013 at 11:04 AM


    Go to VF02 and check enter the intercompany billing doc number. Now go to Menu - Billing document - Release to accounting.

    If there is error, system will show it in information bar. Double click on the message and check the details. If you are not able to understand, please post the error message with details.

    You may refer the document for process flow.



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    • Hi,

      From the error message, its clear that the accounting document is already generated for the billing document. You are trying to create accounting document again, thats why system is throwing message.

      You may check the accounting doc in VF02 as shown below.

      Please check the price in billing document in the conditions tab at item. If the price is zero, there wont be accounting doc.



      123.png (23.8 kB)
  • Nov 22, 2013 at 03:42 PM


    the system automatically clears the FI documents of cancelled and cancellation invoice only whenver possible (performing the so called New cancellation procedure). The SAP notes 1259505 and 309208 listing possible causes for missing automatic clearing.

    Best regards,


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