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Nov 21, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Update Terminate at Type 'W' Message


We are testing in a new system that was copied from a production system. When the user runs transaction VL01N (Create Outbound Delivery with Order Reference) the Delivery is saved and a Delivery Number is created. However, an immediate "Update was terminated" occurs.

It occurs at the following lines of code, even though it does not react the same in the production system that it was copied from?



When debugging this logic in "update debugging" in my debuggger profile, when I reach this line of code and say single step (to what I was hoping would return me to a calling program) the job ends and gives me the new delivery number, then the Update Terminate occurs. It is a valid message, that works in the system it was copied from. I tried to use type 'I' message, and got the same results.

When I comment out these lines of offending code, the delivery will create, but this message is necessary.

Normally, a warning message will appear in the lower left corner of the VL01N screen during this process, and when the user hits enter, the process completes successfully with the new delivery number displayed. In, this case, the job just ends and the update terminates. I can give more info if needed.

If I comment out this syntax the delivery gets created successfully, but this warning is needed.

Any input will be helpful.

Thank-You, Tom Matys