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Nov 21, 2013 at 02:36 PM

High CPU System Utilization : DIA Agents



The problem described here is different than the one described here :

So I created a dedicated thread.

Even though the consequences are the same (namely : the diagnostic agents, are eating all the CPU)

In our case the SMD agents do not appear as top CPU processes, but the system CPU utilization is Huge.

We had the problems for months, we thought it was a hardware problem ... until today, when I switched off the Diagnostic agents

We are running Sap Solution manager 7.1 SPS6 with several other SAP production systems on our HP-UX Superdome.B.11.31 U ia64. SAP Diagnostic Agent "On The Fly" feature has been activated

We are dealing wit huge CPU performance issues, on average 30% of the system CPU was used by "something"

We have opened SAP customer calls, and HP-UX calls, performed firmware update without any tangible result.

I did not think the DIA Agent were responsible since they were not listed in top cpu processes,

in transaction st06, but I am starting to think that CPU system usage is not reflected here :

Anyway, after reading that thread I thought I would try to stop the diagnostic Agent :

Before Stopping the Diagnostic Agent

After Stopping the diagnostic Agent

I think the screenshots speak for themselves, the bloody Diagnostic Agents were eating all our CPU

(USer and System CPUs)

Bravo to me, I have solved our CPU bottleneck ... but our Production systems are no longer monitored, anything can happen now, (DB,SAP,Unix,Application) ....we won't be alerted, which might be a problem to explain to the business

Our SAP Host Agent PAtch Number has been updatdd to 168

Our SOL LM-Service patch level is SPS6 patch 2 , SAP asked us to patch it to level 3, I will do that, and I am quite certain it will solve nothing, based on what is said in the previous post.

Anyone from SAP reading this thread?

Thanks and Regards