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Nov 21, 2013 at 02:38 PM

PCo 2.3: Exactly Once in Order Queue Stopper


Hello to the experts.

I created an PCo 2.3 agent to send notification messages "Exactly Once in Order" to a web service using the Web Service Destination.

If one web service call throws an exception and the maximum number of retries is reached, the message dispatcher stops working. The agent shows the "white cross on red square". No more messages are sent, the queue is stopped. You have to restart the agent.

This is quite hard. A single invalid message should not prevent the other 99,9% valid messages from being sent. It would be enough to move the message to the message failures queue after the last retry failed and continue with the next message.

Is there a way to configure PCo, that the dispatcher does not stop working and instead continues with the next message?

Sending the messages in parallel would solve the problem, but is not an option. We can afford to loose a single invalid message, but we have to keep the order.

Best regards,