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Nov 21, 2013 at 10:11 AM

Filtering based on compounded characteristic


Hi experts,

I've got the requirement that I need to filter a report (globally)

based on a variable using a compounded characteristic.

An example:

The report shall be restrictable (via variable) based on 0mat_plant (material, compounded to the plant).

In the BEx Query Designer I've got the possibility to restrict staticly to compounded values (eg. 01/333333).

In the BEx Analyzer (after having submitted the variable-screen) the user has got the possiblity to restrict
based on compounded values (e.g. 01/333333 + 01/444444) as well.

But as soon as I use a variable, it seems as if I could not use compoundet values anymore, but only the
materialnumber. This means, that I do not have the chance to select

material 333333 from plant 01 + material 444444 from plant 01 and plant 02

while excluding 333333 from plant 02 at the same moment.

Did I get that right?

Is this a known restriction of variables?

Is there any common work-around?

(In the end my scenario is simplified. What I need to do is filling the compounded variable using a customer-exit - but I cannot see
a way to pass anything more than the material-part of the compound).