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Nov 21, 2013 at 09:06 AM

GRC 10.0 Notifications in Multiple Languages


Hello GRC Gurus,

In my Organization, We have a requirement to support French Language due to legal requirements in the Quebec provinvce. This means that all notifications to users in the Quebec province will have to be delivered in French.

I have researched this in as far as:

  • French Language has to be implemented as a prerequisite in SMLT
  • The standard notification templates will be available in French language once the language pack is installed

The issue i have here is:

can the notifications be sent to different sets of users in different languages? I see that that one message class can only be associated with one document object. Is there a way to get around this to define who will get the notification in French and who will get it in English probaly based on USER GROUP or DEFAULT LANGUAGE

Ofcourse, the message documents can be modified to present it in both English and French to make it easier but in future if there are legal requirement in others countries it does not make sense to keep adding the message body in all the required languages

Can you please help?