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Nov 21, 2013 at 08:16 AM

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management


Hello All,

I got a call to work on “OpenText Vendor Invoice Management” (I assume this is what he said!). I have not heard about this before, so need help on this. Below are the things I understood from the call.

1. 1. It is SAP’s Product

2. 2. Integrates with SAP’s FI/CO module

3. 3. Functional work (however) on finance side

4. 4. Deals with Vendor Invoices, Invoices with/without PO and so on….

Where am I right now?

I have worked as an Electronic Data Interchange analyst (EDI analyst) for four years. Left the EDI world and right now am preparing myself for SAP SD exam and looking for SAP SD work (Along with EDI I have worked on SAP SD, however with limited access. I haven’t left the company just the project, so got a call from HR for the above project).

What is my concern?

Stepped out of the EDI world to become a SAP SD consultant. However as I understand the above opportunity would drift me away from SAP SD and limit me to a “particular product and particular type of work”. I have no idea about the above product and related work.

Need help/advice

If possible could you please let me know more about this product and what kind of work/business is done with the help of this project? In short what (kind of work and future opportunites) can be expected?

Would this drift me away from SAP SD? As I already have four years of expreience in the industry (and now looking for an opportunity to start with SAP SD) I don’t want to take the wrong turn!

P.S. I am doing my research on internet, however I need your advice too.