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Nov 21, 2013 at 06:34 AM

Creating a variable to merge dimension objects !!!


Hie Guys,

I am trying to combine two reports from 2 different universe into one Webi Report. Both the reports have the same column names only the values are different (basically I am adding one report on top of the other). The columns/objects for report 1 from Universe 1 are extracted from a derived table. All I have is the derived table for that Universe. The other Universe for report 2 is a normal one (with tables & joins). I have been successful in merging all the common objects from both Universes. However, one of the columns in Report 2 is derived from a variable. The Column Name is titled "BM/PE/PIA Name". The derived table from Report 1 already has that variable object. I have attached the final report layout below. All the dimension objects are merged objects besides the "BM/PE/PIA Name" which is dragged from a variable that I created. I have also attached the formula of the variable below. I merged the object from Report 1 derived table with the object in the variable in report 2. Well, the formula I created basically tells whether to select the object from query 1 or query 2 based on the If then Else Statement. I thought this would work, but it only gave me results for report 2 from Universe 2. But, when I added " = BM/PE/PIA Name ForAll (CoSa_RT)" in the formula bar at the top for the variable, it displayed column values for both reports. But, since I don't have data for the column values from report 1, I cannot tell if i did it right or not. Do you think I have taken the right step here ? Should I use ForAll or ForEach? Thanks.


BM_Formula.jpg (176.3 kB)
report columns.jpg (323.3 kB)