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Oct 13, 2005 at 12:42 PM

Cant find my file in Test system JDI




I have installed and configured JDI SP9 on WAS 6.40 SP9. I think there is not much difference between scenario 2+ and 3 configuration wise.. only difference is follow on tracks..for that i think not much config is needed.. anyhow we planned to implement scenario 2+ for time being. everything went smooth..didnt find many errors.. but we are missing to accomplish the goal

1. After importing Development config and adding a webmodule DC and enterprise application DC to SC. when I say checkin, It checks in all the files to DTR and what does "activate" do, I see that a central build is performed here. Is this the point where the files get deployed into my Development server? (please let me know). if so as what files will this be deployed into my server (if I am not wrong .sda ?? )

2. I already created Domain, Track and in runtime systems tab, I provided DEV,QA and PRD. following from the prev step, I released my activite from NWDS, which I was able to see in CONSOLIDATE tab in status "waiting for import" . and i clicked on import and the status changed to "import finished".

3. then it is turn of assembling. so it was here in "waiting for assembly" I selected my comp and clicked on "assemble component" and the status changed to "assembled".

AFAIK an SCA file will be formed in this step. I have seen this SCA file in JDI SYSTEM. /jtrans/archives.

Next, I clicked on TEST tab, but I didnt find this file there in status "waiting for import".. why is it so?

Let us think Assembly failed, if so, why did it showed me status assembled in assembly tab. and what would be the reasons that an assembly would fail?

4. anyhow my next trail was when assembling, this time i selected a checkbox "assemble even with inconsitencies".. so it changed to "assembled" state. and I could see this one in /Jtrans/archives and also it was in TEST tab with status "waiting for approval". then i clicked on import and it changed to "import finished". Then i searched for this file in Test system, but I didnt find this file there.

Experts, Please throw your suggestions

Thank you