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Nov 20, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Unable to set local data provider as non-refreshable


I am trying to save an Excel file as a local data provider using BO4 Webi Rich Client so I can use it on LaunchPad to schedule a report.

My local file contains target/plan data that is not available in the source system. I want to combine this with actuals from the BO Unverse to create a report. I have successfully created the query, but I think I need to uncheck "Refreshable" on the local data provider query before saving to the Enterprise server in order to make it available in the repository.

I want users to be able to refresh the Universe data, but have the Excel data remain static. If I leave "Refreshable" checked, then when you refresh the report from the LaunchPad, I get "the file that is required to refresh the query cannot be found on the file system" b/c it is located on my local hard drive.

How can I uncheck "Refreshable" without losing my data? If I do so currently, I have to click Run Queries which then returns no data in the resulting query.

If I can save the local data provider as non-Refreshable, will this allow me to refresh my report from the server?

Thanks in advance.