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Nov 20, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Creating time dependent hierarchy from non time dependent source



I need to create a time dependent hierarchy, source is Non SAP system and time independent. It does not have any date from or dateto. I only need to track changes at end of every month. We need capability to run reports based on historical hierarchy structure based on data from inforprovider.

I tried below options:

1. Created "Entire Hierarchy is Time-Dependent". In BW hierarchy's were loaded for each period. But, in Bex I only see three options, default date, choose specific Key date or reference a Date Variable. I do not see option for "From Data, Derivation type". I guess I need fourth option to link hierarchies based on data in cube.

2. Created "Time-Dependent Hierarchy Structures", with temporal hierarchy joins. But, in this case when structure changes, hierarchy strcutre is overwriting instead of phasing out and phasing in a new record.

Can you please advice, how we can accomplish this.

Any help highly appreciated.