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Nov 20, 2013 at 12:02 PM

Stock postings (cost center / fund center wise with FM)



My client have an urgent requirement regarding material stock procurement. My client require Cost center wise Material stock status actually my client is not directly involve in purchasing of stock material.

My parent company will purchase a stock material on my client behalf and it his property and when my require a material he will issue a maintenance order and my parent company will issue a material on my client maintenance order.

My client has to report at the month end how much stock my parent company will purchase (department wise) because my client require to report department wise procurement (Cost center wise)

We know that cost center wise posting is only possible for expense items. However requirement is against balance sheet item (I-e stock / Inventory especially at the time of PR, PO & GR.

Note: we have Fund Management active with proper derivation of cost center = fund center 1:1 defined. For all other processes it working fine.

Is there any possibility to cover this requirement