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Nov 20, 2013 at 09:42 AM

PTMW Area TN1 transferring: not working in Test


Hi Gurus,

Faced with the problem with transferring PTMW customization between development and QA systems.

For example: changing Field Selection for Time data table for One - Day view ( screen area TN1 ).

1 ) In Development system - all is working fine: adding fields, moving them etc. - the

2) But when transferring the settings to QA system - .tables TPT_FIELD_SEL_C, TPT_FIELD_SEL_L are transferred - and re-newed in QA, but when startinh PTMW or PTMW_PROF- nothing is changed, the layout of Time Data Table remain the same.

If've double checked - in is not an transport mistake , the settings are transferred correctcly, and the tables in QA becoime exaclty the same as in Development. Users paramenetrs \ profiles is identical.

Where can be the problem ?