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Nov 20, 2013 at 09:21 AM

WDA Leave Request Sending Dialogue on Deletion


Hi folks,

System Information:

NW AS 7.03 ABAP Stack 731 Level 8, ECC 606 (EHP 6) with SAP_HR 604 Level 65 and EA_HR 607 (HR-Renewal 1) Level 16


We recently went live with the Standard WDA Leave Request application containing some enhancement-tweaks and a custom approval workflow.


There's one system behavior, which, up until now, never really bothered us. However, now that we are in production, this system behavior proves to be confusing for the end users, here it is:

1. End User creates a leave Request and sends it for approval

--> OPTIONAL --> the request is approved or rejected, or the approver doesn't do anything at all, doesn't matter

2. The End User withdraws (NOT a cancellation yet, there has been no posting run) the request by clicking on the delete-Icon in the Absence overview:

Now what should be happening (in my opinion) is, the Leave Request simply disappears from the list, the receipt is set to 'WITHDRAWN' and that's it. However, what actually happens is, that after clicking the deletion item, the Sending-Application is opened again and the End User has to 'send' the Request again (this includes all plausibility checks etc.). This Sending after clicking the delete-Icon doesn't really do anything except setting the status to withdrawn, it's pretty much a dummy. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT talking about a cancellation, in a cancellation the end user has to send the Request again and there's a workflow and an approval from MSS side etc. etc. But for a mere withdrawal, this dialogue-behavior should not occur.

Am I expecting something the standard doesn't provide or do we have a bad configuration somewhere?

Cheers, Lukas


lea_overview.JPG (48.2 kB)