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Nov 20, 2013 at 08:51 AM

Fetch data from Ztable


Hi all,

Iam developing a smartform and i have an issue linking vbap table with z table. I have to fetch date from z table linking sale order, Line item

and schedule line no. Since vbap table has data with leading zeros for sale order no , line item and schedule line no , and z table has no leading zeros , I tried to link vbap table and the z table by deleting the leading zeros from vbap table but still it is not working.

I also tried using "shift left deleting leading '0"

Can anyone help me..

Eg data for your ref:

vbap table : vbeln posnr etenr

0000002547 00000010 0001

0000002547 00000020 0001

0000002547 00000020 0002

Z table:

sale order line item schedule line No

2547 10 1

2547 20 1

2547 20 2