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Nov 20, 2013 at 05:35 AM

how to debug POWL, SRM Confirmations pending purchase orders



the issue is that the 'Confirmations Pending' POWL query is not showing accurate results

we are on SRM 7.0 . for purchasing tab - purchasing - Comfirmations Pending . fully confirmed POs are also shown in the list

i checked that list of properly refreshed,
i checked for multiple users
im trying to check for Badi BBP_WF_LIST, but cant figure out. Powl doesnt seem to call this badi. it doesnt stop at breakpoint.
infact if breakpoint on cl_Exithandler then also doesnt stop

how do i know how to configure POWL?
I am raising with SAP
but question is, how do i debug the code of this Powl query ?

i used to figure out code of SRM frontend in two ways - make it stop at cl_exithandler and then do F7 and come to actual code OR right click on screen and get webdynpro componenet, view name and put breakpoint and debug
niether of these methods is working here. cant figure out code..........

any input will be useful