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Nov 20, 2013 at 03:22 AM

Unable to Transfer Travel Expenses to Accounting



When we run PC00_M99_CIPE, we are getting an error POSTING BALANCE IS NOT CLEARED error message for some of the employees.

We have analysed the issue and noticed, there is a problem with the trips.

Employees have created trips with a schema(customized) which is no longer existing in the system now. I mean to say, they have create the trips with this schema in september. Our design team has removed this schema in october. Now when we are creating a posting run, the evaluation log is exactly showing the diffrerence of trip amount.

We have checked all the wage type characteristics both from FI & payroll side. All the config looks good.

Is there a way to remove the trip data from PC00_M99_CIPE posting run? As per my analysis, this program is picking up data from payroll results table.

We also had a look at note 1594322. As per the note everything looks fine.

Is there a way to change the trip schema from back end?

Please share your thoughts..