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Nov 19, 2013 at 05:42 PM

The Need for a CMC Enhancement to Make Life Easier


Good Morning All!! (Sort of...)

We are running BI4.0 SP7.1 and ran into an issue that took too many manhours to recover from. This morning our OFRS did not enable itself and we had over 450 failed reports that had to be rescheduled by the Admins using the CMC. The big problem is that after logging into the CMC and going to the instance manager, we had to click on each report individually to reschedule it to run.

Each user has database restrictions, so we could not just highlight them all and click 'Run Now'. We were advised from support that there is no way to reschedule reports in bulk for a single selected user and thus resulted in taking 2 Admins 3 hours to complete. Had we been ableto reschedule bulk reports for a single user, we would have been done within 30 minutes and utilized only 1 Admin.

If any of the SAP Developers are monitoring this, it would be a HUGE win for BI Enterprise to have this enhancement added. It can be done on an individual level, why not expand that functionality to a bulk level?