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Nov 19, 2013 at 03:26 PM

Status of an Object (Notification) per Month


Hi Experts,

I am working with service/maintenance notifications and I need a report the see how many notifications were open at a specific time.

So for example:

01.2013 02.2013 03.2013 04.2013 Number of open Notifications 5 7 6 8

So this reports says that on 31.01.2013 I had 5 notifications in the state "open" - no matter when the notification was created.

There is a DataSource "0PM_OBJ_STATUS" which gives me every status-change for a single notification.

For Example:

Notification 1234:

Date Status User inactive 01.01.2013 open XXX
03.03.2013 open xxx X 03.03.2013 in work xxx
04.05.2013 in work xxx X 04.05.2013 completed xxxx

so I get the info when the status starts and when it ends.

So my problem now is, that in this example I have an entry in my cube for 01.2013, 03.2013, 05.2013 but no info what was the state in 02.2013 and 04.2013.

My question:

Is there a best practice how to handle such requirements?

I have some ideas like:

1. Create a "snapshot" on each last day of a month. (But in this case I loose everything if I need a complete reload of the data)

2. expert routine to create a entry for each month (but in this scenario i always have to make a full load which is not good cause there are a lot of notifications and even more status changes for the notifications)

every help is welcome!

Thanks in advance