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Nov 19, 2013 at 02:18 PM

FEBP error when posting bank statment from IHC (items from an external bank statement)


Dear IHC Gurus!

1. The company holding IHC has uploaded an external bank statement that contains entries related to IHC.

This has resulted in the following postings/entries in IHC.

Technical Account - 100.00, Subs account +100.00.

2. IHC creates an internal bank statement to subsidiary.

3. When the subsidiary tries to post the internal bank statement I get an error: (F5 263) The difference is too large for clearing"

Could someone please explain with examples what actually happens when a subsidiary post a bank statement from in-house cash, which bank statement items are actually from an external bank statement as a result of external vendor payments (step 6 below).

I completely understand the process of vendor payments (IHC) as follows:

in Subsidiary Company:

1. F110 payment run,

in IHC

2. IHC0 - post payment order.

3. F9N7 - Internal bank statement to Subs

4. F111 - External vendor payments,

in Subsidiary:

3. FEBP post bank statement

in IHC

4. FF_5 post external bank statement

5. F9N7 - Internal bank statement to Subs

in Subsidiary:

6. FEBP - post bank statement.

I need assistance on this last step (6), what are the accounting entries?

Your assistance to this last part will be greatly appreciated.