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Nov 19, 2013 at 12:00 PM

IDM : Telephone/fax code for country code ZZ is not maintained


Hello Guru,

I use IDM 7.2 SP8.

I have standart plug-in "UpdateABAPUser" which change many ABAPuser's attributes and one of them is

primaryPhone <--- %MX_PHONE_PRIMARY%

If this attribute is enabled and I run "UpdateABAPUser" plug-in, I got an error:

"Telephone/fax code for country code ZZ is not maintained".

I understand that I can add country ZZ in my ABAP System via

Go to SPRO > IMG > SAP Netviewer > General Setting > Set Countries > Country Code : Telephone

But my country name is Ukraine and code for it is "UA" and both this values are mainteined in SPRO in SAP system.

What I have to change in SAP IDM to use "UA" instead of "ZZ" for telephone numbers?

How can I find from where had I received this value "ZZ" into IDM?

Best regards,